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Not to get off on a rant here.....

Hi, you may know me from such irc channels as #debian and #debian-devel
as Myth.

If you have a short temper, don't read this.
If you are more advocate about freedom at any cost than RMS, don't read this.
If you just ggot done reading the RBL/DUL/ORBS thread, please, don't
take your anger out on me.

This is just my opinions on what I've seen in the debian project in the last
2+ years that I've been using it.

People seem to be too caught up in other people's "freedom" to help us 
create the best distro with the least problems. Example:
/usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc transition voted to be held because potato was
supposed to freeze back in november. 
Freeze got delayed, and 4+ months later, no one has taken this transition 
seriously. I am to assume that all debian developers are mature individuals
who understand the concept of deadlines, yet giving this much slack only 
causes the releases to be later and later.

New-maintainer has been closed waaay too long. I first applied back in May 
of last year, only to find that they were not acepting new apps. Then in 
september I find that my app was lost anyway. I have been told "get a 
sponsor" and "do other things"; but after 6+ months of getting a sponsor 
and doing other things, it is still frustrating that I (and many others 
like me) can't officially be part of the debian crew. Yes, I know it is a 
lot of work to process the applications, but those of us who weren't/aren't
maintainers had no information about why it was close, when it would open, 
or if new-maintainer@debian.org was just sent to /dev/null. Now that a 
new process has been initiated, this problem will never hopefully occur

These may sound like the disgruntled ramblings of a frustrated wannabe 
developer, but I hope you can see where I am coming from.

Now, before you flame me, or tell me things I have read 100 times on this
list in the last year and a half I've been reading it, please for all of 
our sakes, take a deep breath, step back, think about the situation, and 
inform us all of where I am mistaken in a mature manner.

Thank you, 
This ends your normal broadcast day.

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