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Re: Not to get off on a rant here.....

Franklin Belew wrote:
> People seem to be too caught up in other people's "freedom" to help us 
> create the best distro with the least problems. Example:
> /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc transition voted to be held because potato was
> supposed to freeze back in november. 
> Freeze got delayed, and 4+ months later, no one has taken this transition 
> seriously. I am to assume that all debian developers are mature individuals
> who understand the concept of deadlines, yet giving this much slack only 
> causes the releases to be later and later.

No Frank. We made a decision which included a transition plan[1]. That
transition plan intentionally spanned multiple debian releases:
- In potato, /usr/doc is still going to be used, and anything using
  /usr/share/doc must include a /usr/doc symlink.
- In woody, /usr/share/doc will be used, and all packages will be updated
  to use it. Packages will still provide /usr/doc links for backwards
- In woody+1, the /usr/doc symlinks may be removed.

Given that this transition is expected to span 3 releases, no, we arn't
being laggards about transitioning to /usr/share/doc/ right this instant.
The timeslines of the individual releases are orthagonal to this

see shy jo

[1] http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-ctte-9908/msg00038.html

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