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Re: What's changed in su/bash? "bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable"

Josh Wilmes wrote:
  >Interesting.   Try "ulimit -a".  Any strange limits set?

Not that I can see:

  olly@linda$ su
  olly@linda# ulimit -a
  core file size (blocks)     unlimited
  data seg size (kbytes)      unlimited
  file size (blocks)          unlimited
  max locked memory (kbytes)  unlimited
  max memory size (kbytes)    unlimited
  open files                  1024
  pipe size (512 bytes)       8
  stack size (kbytes)         8192
  cpu time (seconds)          unlimited
  max user processes          256
  virtual memory (kbytes)     unlimited

The su being used is /bin/su from login
(source package: shadow; Version: 19990827-18)

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