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Re: What's changed in su/bash? "bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable"

Josh Wilmes wrote:
  >Are you possibly out of memory?  (perhaps a process has run away and gobbled
  >it up)?

No; the problem is only if I try to get an interactive su session:

   olly@linda$ cat /proc/meminfo
           total:    used:    free:  shared: buffers:  cached:
   Mem:  131403776 123076608  8327168 54677504  4624384 49696768
   Swap: 269676544 44146688 225529856
   MemTotal:    128324 kB
   MemFree:       8132 kB
   MemShared:    53396 kB
   Buffers:       4516 kB
   Cached:       48532 kB
   SwapTotal:   263356 kB
   SwapFree:    220244 kB
   olly@linda$ su -c ls
   0.0=1.29172.exmh      exmh.1563.html   filevV2bSY    pg7
   olly@linda$ su
   linda:/tmp# ls
   bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable
   linda:/tmp#  cd 

but, as you see, shell built-ins still work.

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