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Re: Bug#60753: mutt: /etc/Muttrc should not use colors

>>>>> "Nicolás" == Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org> writes:

    Nicolás>  Using the Space and the Backspace keys for up and down
    Nicolás> movement is absurd, it's even stupid. Backspace is
    Nicolás> back-space. Those keybindings where thought for keyboards
    Nicolás> without arrows, and those keyboards no longer exists...

This is OK, when you are on a system with relatively high latency.

However, arrow keys are usually represented as several keystrokes, eg
escape, followed by [D, for the left arrow. This represents problems
on telnet/ssh sessions even on local networks at times.

For instance I push the up arrow numerous times to get my editor to go
to the top of the file, and all of a sudden, the escape comes detached
from the [D, and I suddenly end up altering my file, inserting invalid
data, perhaps without even realizing it.

IMHO, the sooner this dead escape standard is dropped in favour of the
better standard (IIRC: set the high bit on control characters), the
better. However, I cannot see a lot of progress from here...
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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