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Re: ITP: texguy

[Currently I'm not on this list.  Please Cc: me]

Hi there,

I heard Ryuichi Arafune has ITP'd texguy, which has been 
already ITP'd by me(I guess around in the early March).

After uploaded vflib3 my laptop got trouble and had been under repair 
for several weeks, but it's back now, so new tex-guy packages should be 
uploaded pretty soon.

If you want, you can still get my older packages(based on 1.1.4) 
from one of those Debian JP mirrors.

Anyway, please wait a little bit ;-)


Masayuki Hatta
University of Tokyo
mhatta@debian.or.jp / mhatta@gnu.org
g920202@mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp / masayuki-h@geocities.co.jp

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