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Re: Bug#60753: mutt: /etc/Muttrc should not use colors

> > I agree.  Mutt should by default be much more like pine. I like
> This sounds like a lot of recent threads on debian-devel --
> "the defaults should suite MY PREFERENCES!" That's why they're
> defaults -- you can change them.
> Personally I can't stand Mutt's default colours (green on blue? ugh!)
> but the default keybinds are fine. I have a .muttrc which I copy
> around between all my accounts.

 It's a tough issue, but there's certainly a line somewhere. And mutt does
not have reasonable defaults. In the keyboard, each key has a function,
there are lots of functions that are not directly in the keyboard, that's
why each program has to invent a keybinding. But there are functions that
*are* in the keyboard and so:

 PgUp     - must scroll up a page, just that.
 PgDown   - must scroll down a page
 Up Arrow - must scroll up a line
 Up Arrow - must scroll down a line
 Home     - must go to the start of something
 End     - must go to the end of something

 Using the Space and the Backspace keys for up and down movement is absurd,
it's even stupid. Backspace is back-space. Those keybindings where thought
for keyboards without arrows, and those keyboards no longer exists...

 Besides, configuration should always target the norma-naive user. The tough
user can always edit a configfile.

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