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Re: aptitude

On Mon, Mar 13, 2000 at 02:23:12PM +0900, Julian Stoev wrote:

> I personally don't like the Stormpkg thing.  Maybe I am broken by 
> dselect....  ;) I included slink ftp in apt and got many nice programs, 
> which are not part of Stormix using dselect.  No problem at all.  But 
> Stormpkg may be better for somebody who starts now with Linux?

I didn't work much with the Storm Package Frontend, but it seemed to me as
if it was very very close to dselect, only graphically. I think it's nice
for new users.

> I think Stormix distribution should be applaused very much! This is very 
> good way to promote Debian to the public.

I think so, too. The people are really friendly and want their distribution
to be as much compatible to official Debian as possible. At CeBIT fair in
Germany, they gave half of their booth to us.

> the main Debian page. Maybe for first time Linux users this *is* a better 
> way to install Debian?... And why not help them to get working install CD 

Definitely. The installation program is not that powerful, but it's very
comfortable and easy to use for beginners. The current boot disks are good
for experienced users, but most Linux beginners will go away and install
another distribution because all of the main other distributions have nice
easy-to-use graphical installation now.

Greetings, Roland

Roland Bauerschmidt -- Freiberger Str. 17, 28215 Bremen, Germany
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