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Re: aptitude

Just take my comments as a wish list for the future, I
know this stuff is still alpha grade (but still very
usefull).  Nice thing about debian is that it not only
has a bullet resistant package manager (not bullet
proof as per some of the slink->potato upgrade horror
stories I've been reading), but several different
front ends.  Gnome-apt looks good too, (but has a bug
in that the 'terminal window' that shows the 'action'
goes black after one screenfull scrolls up).  

I installed potato from scratch on a computer via the
web (had to install the 'base' from floppies 'cause I
couldn't get apt to use a proxy at first to see though
a firewall) but got the rest via apt-get, dselect,
gnome-apt, and aptitude. (can mixing package manager
frontends screw up things?)  Anyway it is LOOKING
Goodluck with the un-freeze process!

--- Daniel Burrows <Daniel_Burrows@brown.edu> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 05:07:29AM -0800, Kenneth
> Scharf was heard to say:
> > I've been following this list (on and off) as I
> have
> > been using potato and uploading updated pacakges
> > daily.  I didn't even know about aptitude until I
> read
> > about it here, so I went and got it.  Except for
> the
> > lack of a man page, --help option, or online key
> > binding key it is a neat program.
>   (/me cops out by pointing at the two zeros in
> front of the version number)
> > What gets me is that aptitude, apt-get, deselect,
> and gnome-apt all
> > seem to give slightly different info on which
> packages
> > are broken, will be deleted, or are on hold.  Are
> the
> > dependancy rules interperted differently between
> these
> > programs?
>   dselect probably uses a totally different
> algorithm from the others
>   As for the apt-based programs: there are a number
> of 
> > Also how do you undo the result of the "f" key.
>   You can't undo the 'f' key in the most recently
> released version.  Undo
> support is sort of in CVS, but I need to fix it
> before I release 0.0.7
> version. (and I have two major school projects due
> in the near future, so it's
> unlikely to happen soon (read: in the next week) :(
> )
> > Anyway if someone adds an online help key to
> aptitude
> > it would make a great replacement for deselect. 
> > (Looks great in color).
>   The most recent version (0.0.6a, missed the potato
> freeze) has online help,
> although it's not very friendly (I just used the
> README)  0.0.7 is mainly
> a large amount of internal restructuring and
> bugfixes and the addition of undo
> support.  0.0.8 will hopefully address a number of
> issues which have been
> brought up in the last few days.
>   Daniel
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