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Re: aptitude

On Sun, Mar 12, 2000 at 08:00:27PM -0500, Fabien Ninoles wrote:
|Stormix make great efforts to make their distributions fully
|compatible with Debian. This should be applaused, especially
|in regards to the mess that some other vendors made. I hope
|to try it in a week or two.

Two days ago I introduced Linux to a person who never used Linux before.  
I decided to install Stormix to get Debian compliant system.  It was 
great.  This first time Linux user said "WOW! Windows install is more 

I personally don't like the Stormpkg thing.  Maybe I am broken by 
dselect....  ;) I included slink ftp in apt and got many nice programs, 
which are not part of Stormix using dselect.  No problem at all.  But 
Stormpkg may be better for somebody who starts now with Linux?

I think Stormix distribution should be applaused very much! This is very 
good way to promote Debian to the public.

I will buy Stormix CD with their next release. This time I produced it 
from ISO image.

I would like to suggest, that some link to Stormix page should be given in 
the main Debian page. Maybe for first time Linux users this *is* a better 
way to install Debian?... And why not help them to get working install CD 
in the same moment when woody is released?


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