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Re: aptitude

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 07:52:40AM -0800, Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> Just take my comments as a wish list for the future, I
> know this stuff is still alpha grade (but still very
> usefull).  Nice thing about debian is that it not only
> has a bullet resistant package manager (not bullet
> proof as per some of the slink->potato upgrade horror
> stories I've been reading), but several different
> front ends.  Gnome-apt looks good too, (but has a bug
> in that the 'terminal window' that shows the 'action'
> goes black after one screenfull scrolls up).  
> I installed potato from scratch on a computer via the
> web (had to install the 'base' from floppies 'cause I
> couldn't get apt to use a proxy at first to see though
> a firewall) but got the rest via apt-get, dselect,
> gnome-apt, and aptitude. (can mixing package manager
> frontends screw up things?)  Anyway it is LOOKING
> Goodluck with the un-freeze process!

You just miss another one: sl-stormpkg from Stormix.
Sure, it's not on potato but add 
deb ftp://download.stormix.com/storm potato main
in sources.list and install sl-stormpkg.

It's GPLed, GNOME-based, used whatever commands you want for
updating/upgrading (default is the dselect apt methods)
under whichever (including current tty) x-terminal.
Use it for a month now and really love it.

Stormix make great efforts to make their distributions fully
compatible with Debian. This should be applaused, especially
in regards to the mess that some other vendors made. I hope
to try it in a week or two.

Just my 2 canadian cents.

Fabien Ninoles        Chevalier servant de la Dame Catherine des Rosiers
aka Corbeau aka le Veneur Gris               Debian GNU/Linux maintainer
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