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Re: Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

On Sat, Mar 11, 2000 at 04:06:01PM -0500, Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> being a year behind is suicide in any industry. being a year behind in an
> industry that moves as fast as open source software, is idiocy.

Why do we have to be a part of an industry? Debian would be commercial if we
truely cared about the industry...

> because slink is so far behind that it isn't usefull anymore.

It's useful enough for a lot of people.

> IMHO, leaving out 2.4 is a bad idea. there were problems with 2.0 -> 2.2.
> there was an incompatible build of lsof, as well as some networking
> problems.

How horrible, disastrous! :>

A lot of people (including me) run kernel 2.2 on slink machines just fine.

FWIW all these arguments how "we shall all die in disgrace if we don't get
2^32 releases out in the next ten years" and similar, are a huge pile of
junk (no offense, nothing personal). To release faster would be great, but
no market pressure or yet another non-technical flamewar on debian-devel
will help.

Let's just get back to work... I have a ppp NMU to do :)

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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