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Re: console-apt

On 06-Mar-00, 10:10 (CST), "der.hans" <deb-entwick@LuftHans.com> wrote: 
> Except you really need to use --purge in order to truely remove the full
> package. I don't read usenet, so removed all the news packages that came
> with the default install profile I chose. No biggie. Except I kept getting
> cron errors because one of the news packages wasn't configured
> correctly. purge wiped out the cron file in /etc/cron.daily/ and got rid
> of that.

Report a bug against the package that owned the config file in
cron.daily. "Removed but not purged" (i.e. config files only) is a
legitimate, supported package state, and should not cause errors. Config
files that are scripts should check before running.

> If remove is identical I would think that whatever install adds would be
> removed by remove. Didn't take me long, but I at least somewhat know what
> I'm doing. It hasn't kept me from using apt-get as my only interface to
> adding/removing packages either :).

But the config files are not necessarily added by install. However, the
description of "remove" in the apt-get man page could be more explicit.

Steve Greenland <vmole@swbell.net>
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