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Re: console-apt

Hi David,

>> they have a LOT to learn without learning how to use apt-get...
DS> If you can't do "apt-get install foo", I'm not sure you should be admining
DS> Debian, or any other OS, for that matter.

I can't agree with that. If you are familiar enough with Debian the
apt-get method will be the fastest way to install packages, because
you know the names of the packages and you know what software is part of
Debian. But if you are new to Debian, you don't know all of that and you
need a package list. That's where the apt frontends come in.

DS> Can you keep your lines down to > 80 characters, please? It'd make it much
DS> easier to read. Thanks.

I think configuring your mail client to wrap mode will solve this, too.


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