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Re: console-apt

On Sat, 4 Mar 2000, David Starner wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 11:07:37PM +0200, ressu@uusikaupunki.fi wrote:
> > we really need an easy to use interface to apt, on console. AND DONT 
> > SAY APT-GET, it's easy for most of us, but not for the ones who have 
> > just moved to Debian, we shouldn't increase the load on theyre shoulders. 
> > they have a LOT to learn without learning how to use apt-get...
> If you can't do "apt-get install foo", I'm not sure you should be admining 

That part's easy, but one also needs to be able to remove packages
unnecesary for that box.

The natural-looking opposite for install is remove. The man page even
supports this theory:

       remove remove is identical to install except that packages
              are removed instead of installed. If a plus sign is
              appended  to  the package name (with no intervening
              space), the identified package will be installed.

Except you really need to use --purge in order to truely remove the full
package. I don't read usenet, so removed all the news packages that came
with the default install profile I chose. No biggie. Except I kept getting
cron errors because one of the news packages wasn't configured
correctly. purge wiped out the cron file in /etc/cron.daily/ and got rid
of that.

If remove is identical I would think that whatever install adds would be
removed by remove. Didn't take me long, but I at least somewhat know what
I'm doing. It hasn't kept me from using apt-get as my only interface to
adding/removing packages either :).

> Debian, or any other OS, for that matter. dselect works well enough, better
> than console-apt IMHO.
> Can you keep your lines down to > 80 characters, please? It'd make it much
> easier to read. Thanks.

Hallelujah :).


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