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Re: console-apt

On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 05:14:15PM -0500, Daniel Burrows was heard to say:
>   Pressure?  Makers?  There's just me, and I do have a finite amount of
> time. :)  I'm trying to add stuff as fast as I can, but if I add it too quickly
> I'll get bogged down in hacks and cruft; things are already a little on the
> disorganized side [1], and I'd prefer to decrease entropy if possible :)  (the
> next release will be a big step in this direction; I've reorganized the source
> tree and tried to make a lot of stuff cleaner)

  Just a quick addendum: if you find a feature lacking in aptitude please use
the BTS!  File wishlist bug reports, by the bucketload if you want! :)
I don't believe that I'm currently on the Cc line for bug reports, but I try to
stop by there once every few days at least, and hopefully I'll be taking over
the package for woody (via sponsorship), which I believe means I'll be sent info
about bugs..


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