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Re: console-apt

On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 10:12:20PM +0200, ressu@uusikaupunki.fi was heard to say:
> i disagree here, i found aptitude much more usable than console-apt, but
> aptitude also lacks some of console-apt's powerful features, namely
> keybindings, and clarity. but then again, aptitude has features that i need. 

  I've tried to discuss this with the earlier poster, but I ended up being too
confused about what I was saying to come to a conclusion :-)  Basically, I need
highly specific examples of what needs to be added to aptitude rather than
statements that it 'needs more clarity'.

  Here are two things that I am planning to add to aptitude that have been
given as examples of missing stuff (in some cases, by me); if you want I can
try to get them into the next release, but that will mean dropping my schoolwork
AND delaying 0.0.7 even more than it already is:

 -> split-screen support like in console-apt and dselect -- hackily I can do it
   fairly quickly, but to do it Right[tm] is about a weekend of work.
 -> decent sorting support.  Shouldn't be too hard, but may require some
   de-crufting or over-crufting of the tree code.

  btw, aptitude has had configurable keybindings since a very early release;
see /usr/doc/README for more details (anyone who wants to convert that into
a manpage, or help me to do it (yes, I've never written a manpage))

> if we could combine console-apt and aptitude, or either one of those could merge the other ones features, we would have a winner!

  Well, aptitude is based on the philosophy of "assimilate everything under
the sun, sooner or later".. :)  A compile-time option to enable a minesweeper
game during downloads may be coming in the future :) :)  (I wrote the game for
a class and figured..why not?)

> although, i have to agree, it was wrong to remove console-apt from stable,
> what was the reason again? (some coredump?)

  I agree -- it looked like a bad bug but nothing disastrous.


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