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Hi there,

Well, I'm really looking forward to Potato, but I'm very unpleased
about the fact, that console-apt was removed from the potato tree. In
my opinion it is the first "usable" package manager in the Debian
history and if Potato comes out WITHOUT console-apt it is some sort of
"not complete". Why was that wunderful piece of software removed from
the potato tree? I know, it is now frozen and maybe there is a bug in
console-apt. But give it a chance to get back in, please.

In the past I had A LOT of problems with dselect mounting/unmounting
the debian cd's. Sometimes it was more reliable to use dpkg manually.
But dselect was considered "stable"?

I am using console-apt since a while and it is working perfectly for
me. It has an intuitive and very nice looking interface. Tell me
another software with this features and I will be silent. aptitude is
not an alternative. I am not a linux crack, I am just a normal debian
user and I tell you aptitude is like dselect NOT intuitive and I am
NOT happy with it.

When I demonstrate the Power of Debian to some people using SuSE-Linux
they are impressed. But when they see how complicated it is to select
and install debian packages.... Damn, console-apt has the power to
move Debian a few steps further to the side of

Please, let console-apt get back to the potato and consider to let it
get to be the standard package manager of Woody next year.


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