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Re: Some package ...

On Fri, Mar 03, 2000 at 08:50:14PM -0600, David Starner wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 01:30:06AM +0100, Daniele Cruciani wrote:
> > On Thu, Mar 02, 2000 at 01:25:28AM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> > > cruciani@cli.di.unipi.it (Daniele Cruciani) wrote:
> > > >denemo - A gnome interface to lilypond
> > 
> > Arr! A gui for lilypond: author say that he wan't use gnome-lib for
> > porting reasons (???)
> If you do it in straight GTK, it's currently portable to Windows, and BeOS.
> Gnome isn't.

Besides, my desktop system is copying very well without any gnome libraries
installed, thank you very much. Unfortunately I have a modem link only
and it takes me long enough to keep the system up to date with unstable
without monster packages like gnome.

Cable modem in two weeks from today... woohoo!

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB. CCs of replies on mailing lists are welcome.

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