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lpr bug [Was: Re: 2 days till Bug Horizon]

On Tue, Feb 29, 2000 at 12:22:39AM +0100, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
>  > Package: lpr (debian/main).
>  > Maintainer: Adam Klein <aklein@debian.org>
>  >   48642 lpr; lpr does not print on a remote printer
>  > [WAITING] Maintainer was contacted on Dec 12, awaiting reply.

I replied to debian-devel, but without a meaningful subject header, it
apparently went unread.

>  > [HELP] Should be fixed by now, someone should doublecheck
>  well, did someone?

The bug submitter can still reproduce the bug, and I still can't.  And he
isn't in a position to do much debugging, so he doesn't have a very clear
idea of the exact problem.  I have downgraded the bug to "normal," as lpr
works for most people, and many of these people consider it to be rather
important, as lprng doesn't work for them.  Incidently, the bug submitter
agreed with my decision to downgrade the bug.  The odd thing about this bug
is, it doesn't occur with the original slink version, 0.33-3.  However,
this version has several large security problems, and the differences
between our current version and it are quite substantial.  I'm afraid I
don't have the time or expertise to properly backport the fixes, but if
someone would like to, please let me know.


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