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Re: 2 days till Bug Horizon

>> Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

 > Package: autofs (debian/main).
 > Maintainer: Justin Maurer <justin@debian.org>
 >   52132 autofs: Race condition when expiring autofs submounts leaves daemon crippled
 > [WAITING] Maintainer was contacted on Dec 12, awaiting reply.
 >   55030 autofs: mangles _ in maps

 what?!?! no, not again.  This is not going to happen again! A package
 is going to be removed from potato because it doesn't work under some
 special conditions? I have read 52132, and if I understood it
 correctly, this happens when automounting mounts on automounted
 mounts.  I admit it's useful (I used to do it) but it's also
 explicitly calling for trouble.  In the end I settled for
 automounting everything under /amnt and making symlinks, in
 particular, I ended up with /amnt/foo/bar -> /amnt/bar.

 Justin, I don't know about the bug submitter, but I'd be satisfied
 if this bug was properly documented (hint: README.Debian)

 Re: 55030, IIRC, there's a patch in the bug report and/or a good
 explaination why this is a bug with a solution attached.  Is there
 any problem with it?


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