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debconf help

Hi, I'm trying to use debconf, but I'm running into several problems.
Is there a debconf list somewhere?

First of all, what is the correct way to implement backing up?  The
tutorial.html document says go() will return 'back' if the user has
hit 'Cancel', but other documents say it will return 30.  In my
experience, it is neither.  I'm trying to say things like:

      my $ret = go();
      if ($ret == 30) {

But I get uninitalized value warnings from -w.

Second of all, I'm getting the following message from debconf (when
DEBCONF_DEBUG=2), and I have no idea how to fix it:

debconf: Trying to make element of type Noninteractive::String
debconf: Failed with Can't locate Debian/DebConf/Element/Noninteractive/String.pm in @INC

And indeed, there is no Noninteractive/String.pm. 

I can post my full code upon request.

Colin Walters <levanti@verbum.org>
(1024D/C207843A) A580 5AA1 0887 2032 7EFB  19F4 9776 6282 C207 843A

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