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Re: debconf help

Colin Walters wrote:
> First of all, what is the correct way to implement backing up?  The
> tutorial.html document says go() will return 'back' if the user has
> hit 'Cancel'

Hm, that would be a doc bug, but I cannot find anything in the tutorial that
says that.

> Second of all, I'm getting the following message from debconf (when
> DEBCONF_DEBUG=2), and I have no idea how to fix it:
> debconf: Trying to make element of type Noninteractive::String
> debconf: Failed with Can't locate Debian/DebConf/Element/Noninteractive/String.pm in @INC
> And indeed, there is no Noninteractive/String.pm. 
> I can post my full code upon request.

This is no problem. I should get rid of that useless bit of debug output,
but it doesn't indicate an error.

see shy jo

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