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Re: slink->potato upgrade was not quite as expected

>>>>> "Roland" == Roland Bauerschmidt <roland@copyleft.de> writes:

    Roland> When I reinstalled my machine few month ago, I had the
    Roland> same problem. I first installed slink base and
    Roland> dist-upgraded and upgraded to potato. apt complained about
    Roland> perl and I had to remove perl using dpkg-option
    Roland> --force-remove-essential manualy. But this was some time
    Roland> ago. The things might have changed up to now.  ;)

I upgraded a number of machines and never had any problems.

perl5.004 is coexists fine with perl5.005 on my computers - perhaps
apt is getting confused somehow and removing perl5.004 instead of
upgrading it?

If I encountered the problem myself, I would:

a) try and find out why apt-get is removing perl5.004, as there should
be no need for this.

b) try upgrading perl5.004 to the latest version before upgrading
anything else.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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