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slink->potato upgrade was not quite as expected

I did a slink->potato upgrade today on a test machine.
after installing slink base I skipped off dselect, and then installed
apt. I did an apt-get dist-upgrade. It was quite fine.

When I did an apt-get install kernel-source-2.2.14 kernel-package gcc make 

Then it complained that perl-5.005 was to be installed, and couldn't remove perl-5.004. 

I did a dpkg --remove perl-5.004 typing "Yes I know..." to its 
question of whether I really wanted to do that and after that it went fine,
and I happily build a kernel on it.

dancer, a.k.a. Junichi Uekawa
 Dept. of Knowledge Engineering and Computer Science, Doshisha University.
... Long Live Free Software, LIBERTAS OMNI VINCIT.

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