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language-env with Japanese/Thai/German/Spanish support


I built a new version (0.02) of language-env, which German and Spanish
are added to and Thai support is a bit improved.  Please check it.

German and Spanish supports are written using user-de and user-es
packages.  I translated a part of messages but the translation may
be wrong.

  BTW, is there any method fot a software to detect whether the environment
  (the console, terminal emulators, and so on) can display ISO-8859-1
  characters or not?  (Of course ASCII characters are always available.)

Improvements for Thai are:
* set-language-env suggests packages to be installed if they are
  not installed.
* Invoke itself in txiterm if txiterm is available (and thus there
  is a chance that Thai messages in Thai characters can be displayed

The package is available at
because I am not an official member of Debian yet.

I also uploaded the package to Debian JP <http://www.debian.or.jp/>.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.or.jp>

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