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Re: Bug#58428: CTRL+SHIFT+1 not working


I really don't understand how this key combination is generic. Branden, 
originally you said something like X offers mechanism, not policy, and
this statement has been made before. I would add that it also does not
specify UI. 

Do I need to read some client's docs to understand what is going on?
Note, I'm most interested in the clients I use; if I don't use it, I'm
only willing to read docs on clients not relevent to me if it turns
out that that client and this issue is relevent to most people who use
debian. Again I ask: is this ctrl-shift-1 useful to most people?

Please correct me if I'm wrong in the following statements, and refer
me to some reading material in any case:

 - No key combination is special to an X server, none at all. (not
   true if for example ctrl-alt-backspace is special to the server)

 - Key combinations that are not recognized by the frontmost client
   are always propigated rearward, (visual heirarchy) eventually reaching 
   the background screen, ("object" heirarchy) AKA the x server itself.

 - The specific combination ctrl-shift-1 (isn't this the same as ctrl-! ?)
   is not handled specially by the x server; therefore, in order for it
   to be handled specially at all, a client would have to handle it in some
   specific way, and in addition, the key combination would have to (somehow)
   reach the specific client, being passed to it if necessary by some other


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