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Re: Bug#58428: CTRL+SHIFT+1 not working

On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 12:37:16PM -0800, Jim Lynch wrote:
> I really don't understand how this key combination is generic. Branden, 
> originally you said something like X offers mechanism, not policy, and
> this statement has been made before. I would add that it also does not
> specify UI. 

That's what "mechanism, not policy" means.

> Please correct me if I'm wrong in the following statements, and refer
> me to some reading material in any case:
>  - No key combination is special to an X server, none at all. (not
>    true if for example ctrl-alt-backspace is special to the server)

True in general, with special exceptions.  The one you mentioned, plus
CTRL-ALT-Fn for VT switching.  Both these special sequences can be disabled
(and thus passed to clients) with appropriate parameters supplied in

>  - Key combinations that are not recognized by the frontmost client
>    are always propigated rearward, (visual heirarchy) eventually reaching 
>    the background screen, ("object" heirarchy) AKA the x server itself.

I think this actually depends on proper client programming.  A poorly coded
client can, I think, catch events it isn't going to use instead of passing
them down the list.

>  - The specific combination ctrl-shift-1 (isn't this the same as ctrl-! ?)
>    is not handled specially by the x server; therefore, in order for it
>    to be handled specially at all, a client would have to handle it in some
>    specific way, and in addition, the key combination would have to (somehow)
>    reach the specific client, being passed to it if necessary by some other
>    client.


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