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Re: Bug#58428: CTRL+SHIFT+1 not working

On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 12:37:16PM -0800, Jim Lynch wrote:
> I really don't understand how this key combination is generic. Branden, 
> originally you said something like X offers mechanism, not policy, and
> this statement has been made before. I would add that it also does not
> specify UI. 

Nevermind, like I wrote in a different subthread the problem disapeared
upon reinstall of frozen potato.
Also I think we have a little misunderstanding here. I wasn't asking for
some addition to the keystrokes so it isn't an issue here to discuss whether
CTRL+SHIFT+1 is useful for others.
I merely noticed that somehow the event of those keys getting hit together
must get lost on its way from X11 through the JDK to JBuilder.
JBuilder does a quite useful thing with that keycombination, it sets a
bookmark! ;)
So this really wasn't about policy but about all events getting fired

If this is still unclear just send me another eMail and I'll go
into more detail.


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