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Re: ITP: devfsd

Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> writes:

> > I'm also thinking of making a directory /etc/devfs-extras/ to hold
> > files, such as a /dev/mouse symlink or /dev/xconsole, which need to be
> > installed at boot time.
> Is this completely per-machine, or are most things likely to be Debian'isms?
> I'm trying to understand the division of responsibilities between makedev and
> the devfs user-space code.  For example, makedev currently uses an init.d
> fragment to install a /dev/MAKEDEV symlink.  I'd like that to just go away
> in the future, but my point is that the makedev package is already trying to
> maintain this one element of persistent state across reboots in the presence
> of devfs...
> Bdale

I was thinking of both uses -- packages like xconsole could use it for
universally useful entries, while a sysadmin could put a link mouse ->
tts/0 or -> misc/psaux.  Maybe the devfsd package itself could have
some standard things like cdrom -> cdroms/cdrom0, etc.
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