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Riva TNT Acceleration for Mesa

While the 3dfx cards have some support in Debian, there doesn't seem
to be much for the TNT on i386 arch. In specific, I wonder why the GLX
hack for TNT isn't available as a debian package. An rpm that I found, with
some manual intervention, worked smooth on my potato box.

I think that there must be a lot of people with i386+TNT who would like to
use their 3d card for GL apps and development. We all know things are
going to be settled in XFree86 4.x, however it seems a long way ahead.
(And it seems to lagging behind the schedule...)

Until then, having a package would be quite convenient.  AFAIK, it's doesn't
require much effort; put the glx.so module for X, its headers, put the mesa
bins with the hooks for GLX extensions, some docs and there you go. The
rpm I had solved most of the problems anyway. With a proper X config and
handling of lib files, you can get a pleasant GL display. I'd used it for development,
and I found it sufficient for many purposes. Unless you use the more exotic GL
features, the hardware is utilized (all basic shading/mapping functions are there).
Well, the full screen modes don't work well. But who needs those full screen X
GL displays anyway? Aren't we all programmers who work with many clumsy windows?

Anyway, I wonder if there is a xfree86-rivagl_*.deb in the works. Otherwise, I'd
really like to know why not. Is it because of the license? If so, why don't we have
a non-free package? Or hasn't there been demand for it? I think it would be
inconsistent to support all those out-of-reach hardware setups, and miss on the
humble Riva TNT.

Best Regards,

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