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netiquette for cleaning up someone else's bugs?


While submitting additional information to bug#58364 (postfix), I noticed it
should be merged with bug#58181.  However, I am not the postfix package
maintainer (I'm not even a Debian developer, for that matter).

It would take me only a few seconds to send the merge commands to the BTS
when I notice stuff like this, but I don't know if it would be a breach of
etiquette to do so (I've done it sometimes when I was the submitter of one
of the bugs needing to be merged, but that's different). I don't even know
if the BTS would allow such bug manipulation by a third-party (and I'm not
about to test it without permission ;-) ).

Is it proper to merge someone else's bugs when you're not the package
developer (nor a debian developer)?

Also, in this particular case, #58364 is (wrongly IMHO) flagged as RC
(imporant), while #58181 is flagged as normal. Common sense says that if
someone other than #58364 submitter or the package maintainer was to merge
the bugs, he should upgrade #58181 to "important" so as to merge them,
instead of degrading #58364 to normal.

*IF* it is proper for one to do such merges, would it be proper to do this
kind of bug severity manipulation?

Are there guidelines for this anywhere?

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