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Debian on 1 CD

Hi all,

is there any plan to release ("stripped") Debian
which use only 1 CD ?
Why ?
There are more and more computers magazines
in Poland (I assume in other countries too)
which include 1 CD (sometimes 2).
They are getting interesting in putting linux
on their CD sold with magazines. In fact
they are doing so. But they don't want to
put Debian because (I guess) it doesn't
fit to 1 CD.

This morning I read once again that
one of the most popular magazine about
linux in Poland won't put Debian
on their monthy magazine because
Debian is too big.

I also know windows magazine (yes! I am not wrong)
which from time to time put different linux
distribution on their CD but never
Debian. I think one reason is that it isn't
so popular but another reason is that Debian
is just too big.

I think such Debian should contain base system
with networking and some kind of GUI
(gnome or kde ?).

What do you guys think ?


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