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Re: Debian on 1 CD

Przemek Bak wrote:
> Hi all,
> is there any plan to release ("stripped") Debian
> which use only 1 CD ?
> Why ?
> There are more and more computers magazines
> in Poland (I assume in other countries too)
> which include 1 CD (sometimes 2).
> They are getting interesting in putting linux
> on their CD sold with magazines. In fact
> they are doing so. But they don't want to
> put Debian because (I guess) it doesn't
> fit to 1 CD.
> This morning I read once again that
> one of the most popular magazine about
> linux in Poland won't put Debian
> on their monthy magazine because
> Debian is too big.
> I also know windows magazine (yes! I am not wrong)
> which from time to time put different linux
> distribution on their CD but never
> Debian. I think one reason is that it isn't
> so popular but another reason is that Debian
> is just too big.
> I think such Debian should contain base system
> with networking and some kind of GUI
> (gnome or kde ?).

On my webpage page I have a tool that generates an
ordering for packages based on usage and dependancies.
It came down to that (with binaries only) you can
satisfy >95% of people with one CD's worth of packages.




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