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Re: [debian-jr] Getting started on some work: Applications

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> lletters     great for the youngest (2yo)
> codebreaker  haven't yet shown them this, but *I* like it :)
Don't know that, but I'll try.
> xjig         a favourite for my 5 and ups
> gimp         a bit complex for the 5yo, and even the older ones, but
>              they all do have fun with it
I think they will soon catch the philosophy if you do the first sessions
together with them.
> xpaint       not quite as complex as the gimp, but a bit clunky in the GUI
>              and not nearly as dazzling effects
Don't know, but I'd prefer teaching one thing (because two different leads
to confusion) and why not *the best* (=Gimp) :-).  But agreed if you
like that.
> luxman       a classic, loved by the whole family (J, only 2, loves
>              the sounds and bright colors while others play :)
Nice.  This brings me in mind that I have to investigate in my
SvgaLib and Sound settings at home, because I was to lazy to investigate
time into games ...
> and a couple of non-free ones:
> pico    I think I could switch them to nano now and they won't miss
>         too much the features that aren't done yet
Hmm, yes nano would be better.  But personally I would like mcedit
(part of mc) much more.  I use pine with vi (and just changed it to
mcedit to try that combination :-) ).  Moreover I like mc very much
and would like to give the children a good understanding in filesystems.
So I would like to add mc to your list - but others might disagree.
At least my son works well with it.

> xmame   Unfortunately it looks like this will forever be non-free,
>         the license is really ugly.
Don't know that.  I have no general problem in including non-free
software, because sooner or later there will be non-free teaching
software and we should not reject it - even if we try to enforce people
to make it free.

> 2. expansion of Debian by packaging new material
> stickers
Don't know that.

> 3. polishing existing packages
> xjig    A great package, but "2 sided" puzzles are confusing for the
>         young children.  I'd like to be able to save as a default
>         config for the children the "-side 2" switch to force all of
>         the pieces to be flipped over to side 2 at the beginning so they
>         don't have to manually flip them over ... Also, I'd like to be
>         able to disable the  middle-mouse-button mapping to flip pieces,
>         as they sometimes accidentally hit it, much to their puzzlement
>         (no pun intended) and frustration.  Suggestions like this need
>         to go back to upstream, and when possible, with patches attached.
>         Adding a new switch (-nosides) that solves both problems doesn't
>         sound too complicated, but then I haven't looked at the source
>         (yet :)
Quick idea how to "polish" packages:
  depends: xjig
Contents is just a postinst file which changes the config file of xjig.
I don't know if this is a good idea but it might be.  Other way:
  depends: xjig, lletters, luxman
Contents is a postinst file which changes config files.

> So, please add to these lists.
  fortune could be polished to display only jokes which children would
  like more than general ones.  I realised this in the fortunes-de
  package by adding a new script called "regeln" (English: rules)
  which displays funny "rules of farmers" (in German "Bauernregeln").
  My son likes this kind of jokes.
  1.9 is realy nice!
  Polishing could be done by setting game parameters and may be we
  could give a slight hint in the docs how to become a millionaire ;-).
  seems to be a kind of joke, but in the same philosphy of using
  Gimp why not *the* editor.  Sooner or later they will use the thing
  and why not sooner?
> p.p.s. if you haven't subscribed to "kidsgames" or "seul-edu" (pointers
>        are on the debian-jr web page), and have some time to read this
>        leasts, or at least look at the archives, please do check them
>        out
I subscribed to a German school related linux list but there is
less traffic.  In how far the lists you mentioned are different?
Shouldn't it be better to discuss in *one* list?

Kind regards


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