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Re: ITP: namazu2

At Fri, 18 Feb 2000 13:38:33 +0900,
Ryuichi Arafune <arafune@debian.org> wrote:

> Masato Taruishi> > 
> Masato Taruishi> > I think the major incompatibility is index file.  However this can be
> Masato Taruishi> > resolved, if user rebuild it.
> Masato Taruishi> The new namazu seems to have new shared library `libnmz2'. If
> Masato Taruishi> namazu has more many shared libraries in the future, it may be
> Masato Taruishi> better to prepare to separate them. 
> ...??
> In that case, we use Replaces and Conflicts field in control. See
> developers reference.  To put it shortly, this is not a reason why anyone
> build a separate package.  

This is not what I want to say. My point is to the future packages
that link libnmz2 developped by libnmz2-dev. These packages depend
on libnmz2. So, if new libnmz3 library is released, we must need to have
both of them for a while, just like 'libc5 and libc6', 'libgtk1.1 and
libgtk1.2' and so on. In addition, it is easy to fix the old library for
security problems etc, if the source archive itself is separated.

Masato Taruishi (taru@debian.org)

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