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Re: ITP: unixODBC

On Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 09:32:41AM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> >    unixODBC.
> Is unixODBC related to FreeTDS which implements an ODBC driver
> to MS SQL server.  I planed to package FreeTDS but I'm not sure
> if this would be necessary if I could solve my problems with unixODBC.

I am not familiar with FreeTDS, but I will look at it, however,
there is a difference between an ODBC driver and an ODBC manager.

unixODBC is an ODBC manager.  It provides the ODBC api to your
program, and calls the appropriate ODBC driver(s) to connect
your application to your database.

The ODBC driver is specific to the particular database, such
as MS SQL or postgres, and can be seperately available from
the ODBC manager.  unixODBC includes ODBC drivers for some
databases, including mSql mySql postgres ..., but I don't
believe there is one for MS SQL included.  I do know that
there are ODBC drivers available for MS SQL.

FreeTDS may
be such a driver, in which case you would need BOTH the
unixODBC package for the ODBC manager and gui tools, and
FreeTDS for the MS SQL ODBC driver.

> >  Package: libodbc
> Does this depend from Qt, too?

No, that is why I specified it as a seperate package.

> If there would be a port to GTK+ would be very nice because it would

Upstream has indicated that this may be in the works.

> Kind regards
>          Andreas.

jcz@ziplink.net (Jim Ziegler)

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