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Re: ITP: unixODBC

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Jim Ziegler wrote:

>    What is the unixODBC Project? 
>        The unixODBC Project goals are to develop
>        and promote unixODBC to be the definitive
>        standard for ODBC on the Linux platform. 
Realy nice!
>        This is to include GUI support for KDE. 
Just for the sake of interest:  Are there any plans for a GTK+
frontend (see below).
>    The unixODBC team has reached this objective by 
>    providing the best technical solution to ODBC 
>    demands on the Linux platform. Also; ALL unixODBC 
>    development is and will be distributed under GPL 
>    or LGPL. The LGPL on libs will ensure that 
>    commercial solutions will be able to utilize 
>    unixODBC.
Is unixODBC related to FreeTDS which implements an ODBC driver
to MS SQL server.  I planed to package FreeTDS but I'm not sure
if this would be necessary if I could solve my problems with unixODBC.

>  Package: libodbc
Does this depend from Qt, too?
> Note that upstream has specified GPL and LGPL, but
> these tools use QT.  Upstream has agreed to add
> additional wording to the license to specifically
> allow linking and distribution with the QT
> libraries.  Suggested wording would be appreciated.
May be at least the libodbc package could go into main.
If there would be a port to GTK+ would be very nice because it would
a) be free
b) would open Gnome users the same possibility
> I am not currently a Debian member, sponsorship
> solicited.
New-maintainer is open, thought.

Kind regards


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