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ActiveState Perl 5.6 beta for Debian?!!


Does anyone know anything about this?  Are the responsible parties on
this list, perhaps, or on debian-perl?

I mean, on the one hand, I guess I'm gratified that they decided to
support Debian as well as RedHat (Caveat: I haven't downloaded it, so
I'm working on the assumption that they're for-real .debs, not just
rpms redone with alien or anything).

And I will admit to even being perhaps a little intrigued about the
implications this has for their development tools being available as
well, although I do most of my programming in mod_perl these days.

On the other hand, though, at the moment it seems like:

 1) duplicated work to little avail on their part---our perl packages
    seem generally held in pretty high regard on the perl development
    list---as opposed to those of RedHat which are pretty thoroughly
    reviled (now if Tom C. could just get it through his head that all
    Linux' are not RedHat, we'd be in good shape), and

 2) a potential bugaboo for us, as people who install it and then file
    bugs about perl packages in Debian not working with this other
    version of Perl they've got installed.

    I understand that they've got their own package management stuff
    that is perl-specific, but, again, we've already done this work
    for a lot of packages ourselves, and for the rest, well, CPAN
    works reliably on Unix, whereas their packaging stuff was, to my
    understanding, targeted at Windows, where this was often not the

Did I perhaps just miss something becuase I hadn't been reading d-d-a?


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