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Re: Debian-jr web page, list, translation (was: Scope of debian-jr , project)

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> If there are unreasonable delays in
> the list creation, then we'll look at hosting it elsewhere.  But Debian
> is my first choice.
Of course.  I can't imagine a better home in terms of emotional
and technical reasons.  Technical it would be hard to find a host
which is mirrored all over the world.
> Good.  I think wml has support for "slices" which allows support of
> multiple languages in the same document.  The page is currently hand-made,
> but I plan to use cvs/wml as documented by the DDP (Debian Documentation
> Project), so translation should go smoother once I have done that.
Interesting.  I never tried it but it might be a good start to do
so.  I've just wondered why the homepage of www.debian.org ist just
presented in German until I've read the page source.  Nice thing that
even if I don't know how it works.
> Ah.  I'm a bit hesitant to make an announcement until we have a list.
That's perfectly all right.

> If people are anxious to make announcements, perhaps that bumps up the
> priority of getting the list set up.  What do you think is a reasonable
> wait for the listmasters to get the list set up before we look
> elsewhere?  I notice that the New Maintainers group has had to host
> their lists off of Debian for precisely this reason.
Hmmm, my son was growing up nine and a half year without Debian-jr.
It might happen that he will be fine also some more weeks :).
Practically it would be good if it would happen before the potato
release.  This event would cause much visits on the news section
and it would be good if we would be next to this entry.
Kind regards


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