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Debian-jr web page, list, translation (was: Scope of debian-jr , project)

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Andreas Tille wrote:
> please let us know when the lnik to the final pages is valid.


The page is pretty well finished now, and is at:


The only ommission right now is a pointer to the mailing list.  This
is because the mailing list hasn't been created yet.  I did follow
the instructions on how to create a list and submitted a wishlist bug
against lists.debian.org to get it created.  However, given that there
are a number of lists in the queue, we may have to wait a bit and use
debian-devel for the time being.  If there are unreasonable delays in
the list creation, then we'll look at hosting it elsewhere.  But Debian
is my first choice.

> As I said I volunteer to translate them into German as soon as
> possible (next week I'll be possibly off line.)

Good.  I think wml has support for "slices" which allows support of
multiple languages in the same document.  The page is currently hand-made,
but I plan to use cvs/wml as documented by the DDP (Debian Documentation
Project), so translation should go smoother once I have done that.

> I contacted a German project Linux for schools 
>         http://www.pingos.schulnetz.org   (German language site)
> and they were very interested in the Debian project.  That's
> why I want to announce the official start of Debian-jr there.

Ah.  I'm a bit hesitant to make an announcement until we have a list.
If people are anxious to make announcements, perhaps that bumps up the
priority of getting the list set up.  What do you think is a reasonable
wait for the listmasters to get the list set up before we look
elsewhere?  I notice that the New Maintainers group has had to host
their lists off of Debian for precisely this reason.

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