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Re: debian-jr instead of debian-kids? etc.

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> Hmm.  I have no objection to debian-jr.  We'll have to come to a consensus
> pretty quickly as I have already filed the wishlist against
> lists.debian.org to create the list as "debian-kids".
> The odd thing is, I filed the wishlist last night and haven't received
> confirmation yet :(
> So, does anyone object to debian-kids changing to debian-jr?  If not, I'll
> have it changed.  (I have my wife's whole-hearted agreement on this point.
> She says debian-kids sounds too childish.)
Hope you have learned your lession:  Everytime do what your wife wants
you to do ;-).
> >    That's why I would be more komfortable with junior (jr) than kids.
> Fine by me!
OK, hope debian-jr will be accepted.
> Hm.  I guess this shows my bias towards younger kids.  But by the time
> your kids are teens, they may be administering their own systems.  I
> have been equating "parent" with "sys admin" throughout the whole
> document.  Perhaps I should drop "parent" (or replace with "child's sys
> admin").
When I was at university I used a GKS extension to Turbo-Pascal which
was written by the 16 year old son of our teacher. Also this boy has
written the CIRC system which prints electrical symbols in LaTeX.
Very clever that thing!  You see that parents can profit well from
the skills of their children.

In deed I expect it would last about 5 to 10 years until my boy will
teach me first things he experienced.  Think of the skills of your
own father and tell me any reason why this discrepancy should not
occure in the "next generation"?
> > May be we can encourage and support the elder ones to do ports themselves.
> > They could be very proud to package their first Debian package.
> Actually, this point is intended to address ports from (usually non-free)
> software by third party vendors.  The "applications" point earlier is
> where packaging comes in.  I don't see it as porting, really, though in
> one sense it could be considered as such.
Yes, may be I found the wrong item for this remark.  What I wanted to
say is:  How to involve kids actively into the project?
Kind regards


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