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Re: debian-jr instead of debian-kids? etc.

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Andreas Tille wrote:
> OK, hope debian-jr will be accepted.

Since I'm really convinced debian-jr is a better name than debian-kids
and (yeah, I know, I don't give people much time to respond, but I'm
an impatient guy :) I haven't heard any objections to the change, and
only notes of support (some private, some public) I have gone ahead
and changed the page to http://www.debian.org/~synrg/debian-jr/ and
changed the text of the page accordingly.  (I've symlinked the old
location to the new to avoid confusion).  I'll be contacting debian-www
shortly to change their pointer to it.  So if there are really strong
objections to this change, speak now or forever hold your peace.

> Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > Hm.  I guess this shows my bias towards younger kids.  But by the time
> > your kids are teens, they may be administering their own systems.  I
> > have been equating "parent" with "sys admin" throughout the whole
> > document.  Perhaps I should drop "parent" (or replace with "child's sys
> > admin").

OK, I have now purged the document of references to "kids" and used
"child" or "children" instead.  I'm not worried that kids is offensive,
but I do agree that children is more encompassing a term than "kids" and
is more readily accepted by children of all ages.  I have also not assumed
that the sys admin is a parent, and have changed the document to reflect
this.  Furthermore, in the very first goal I acknowledge that older
siblings might be the sys admins, and may also be contributors to this

> Very clever that thing!  You see that parents can profit well from
> the skills of their children.

Yup, they sure can!

> In deed I expect it would last about 5 to 10 years until my boy will
> teach me first things he experienced.  Think of the skills of your
> own father and tell me any reason why this discrepancy should not
> occure in the "next generation"?

My own father, although very technical himself, still turns to me for all
his advice on things pertaining to Linux.  Even as a teen, I was
instructing him in some (computer) things as I hungrily absorbed knowledge
in areas that were out of his depth, while at the same time, he was still
instructing me in other areas.

> Yes, may be I found the wrong item for this remark.  What I wanted to
> say is:  How to involve kids actively into the project?

I was going to put it under the "Applications" goal, but decided it needed
to be mentioned further up in the first goal.  There is no reason to
assume that *any* of the goals should be the focus exclusively of parents.
So from the outset I mention "older siblings" as being involved in the
work of this project.

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