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debian-jr instead of debian-kids? etc.

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Additional item (or just inlcude it into the text):
> Internationalisation.
> As I stated it is *very* importand for all kids not speaking English.
> We can only build a system our children *want* to run if they are
> *able* to run and the ability has to come first.

I'll add this.  Thanks.  It slipped my notice.

> The hint:
> I would prefer debian-jr as the name of the project (someone stated in
> one of the previos threads).  Reasons:
> 1. Some of the elder kids might be offended and could think it would
>    be something for their little foolish brothers and sisters.
> 2. May be we keep in mind that not only parents could be sysops
>    but also the elder kids take care for the system of the younger.
>    (I'm sure you catch the concept behind this idea immediately without
>    more reasoning here.)
> 3. It offers a better translation possibility for me.  I'd volunteer
>    to translate your web page as soon as possible into German.  The
>    word "kids" is also in German is used but in my opinion it is
>    in consequence of a really bad habitat to throw their mother language
>    away.  As I stated here some time ago in another thread:

Hmm.  I have no objection to debian-jr.  We'll have to come to a consensus
pretty quickly as I have already filed the wishlist against
lists.debian.org to create the list as "debian-kids".

The odd thing is, I filed the wishlist last night and haven't received
confirmation yet :(

So, does anyone object to debian-kids changing to debian-jr?  If not, I'll
have it changed.  (I have my wife's whole-hearted agreement on this point.
She says debian-kids sounds too childish.)

>    Possibly you do not know that the Germans are the only
>    people on Earth who give away their language for nothing, but
>    "Just for fun." (For the non-German speakers here the translation:
>    "Just for fun.")
>    And now for those 42 people who do understand some old outdated
>    German words:
>    In Deutschland wimmelt es von Leuten, die englischer sprechen als
>    sie Deutsch können.
>    That's why I would be more komfortable with junior (jr) than kids.

Fine by me!

> > Parental guidance
> > -----------------
> ... may be you add here also guidance by elder sisters and brothers.

Hm.  I guess this shows my bias towards younger kids.  But by the time
your kids are teens, they may be administering their own systems.  I
have been equating "parent" with "sys admin" throughout the whole
document.  Perhaps I should drop "parent" (or replace with "child's sys

> > Ports
> > -----
> May be we can encourage and support the elder ones to do ports themselves.
> They could be very proud to package their first Debian package.

Actually, this point is intended to address ports from (usually non-free)
software by third party vendors.  The "applications" point earlier is
where packaging comes in.  I don't see it as porting, really, though in
one sense it could be considered as such.

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