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Re: Debian for kids

> I can do a great deal of things almost anyone reading this
> messsage cannot even fathom.

Perhaps I could, fathom some?  I trained a completely blind person in
Bujinkan Dojo Budo.  I gained some of her abilities while she gained
some of my techniques.  It was an equitable exchange.

People naturally develope skills that are best agumented by their attributes.
But isn't what matters whether we fulfill our needs and the needs of those around
Does not the fulfillment of needs create happiness?

We should view each other and ourselves as needs, not attributes or skills,
but few people do.  I argue that the label of kid is based entirely upon the
age attribute alone.  It does not addresses the specific needs of an individual
but contains the assumption that all kids are homogenous, in the same
fashion that do some people think that all visually impaired people are
completely blind and helpless.

Joseph, I can see why before you took offense at my rebuttle to the analogy.
My choice of words was poor.  My point was to express the idea that most
people believe that minors are inferior to adults.  Most people believe that
visual impaired people are inferior to sighted people.  It's a shame, yes?

> What is wrong with noticing the difference and accomodating for it?

What differences?  I like bright colors, sounds, humor, learning and
I'm not a minor?  Could I be a kid?  Can the label of kid be defined
without hinging it on age or nebulous concepts of maturity?

> This is a perverse world that labels every *difference* between people as a

Glad that you recognize that too.  I dislike that aspect as well.

Joseph would take offense at being called handicapped.
Would you not take offense at being called a kid?
I like to be recognized foremost as a person with needs, not a troll.

> Dont feed the trolls
> ... not only show your stupidity.

More name calling?  *sigh*  I had not wanted this tangental discussion
concerning the name of the project to degrade into a put down contest.
I do not want anyone to feel squelched.

> For those readers out there who are tired of this troll and just want him
silenced, read no more.
> Just press "D".

Is that censorship or just more name calling?

> They *are* children.  It's not a matter of me *labelling* them as children.

The state of childhood as you know it hasn't always existed.
Many centuries ago it was different.
It is a label, and a role that young people are taught well.

I'm not trying to tear down a worth project.
I would enjoy a more colorful, talking, fun and funny linux.
What you consider good for 'kids' is good for everyone as
long as it  does not contain censorship.

> It is about giving *more* choices, providing a *richer* environment for
> kids and parents alike to explore, discover, and delight in.

Your description explicates how it is for more than just those
of a certain age group.  Possibily the implementation of will
grow beyond it's initial label.

It may even become the norm, the desktop and environment
of choice for most linux users.  Rather than extending the traditional
interfaces and programs, I conjecture that you are beginning something
that could be rather different  than just a colorful enlightenment theme
and another desktop manager, or a group of packages.

Sampling an audience of new computer users, as you are doing,
rather than those entrenched in and satisfied with the traditional
command line or xwindows interface is an excellent idea.
I hope the project continues, grows, and evolves.

> Re-evaluate your motives for tearing down a worthy project.  Find out what
> it is that really bothers you and attack *it*.  You are completely barking
> up the wrong tree here.

Opps, I deserved that.  I'm owed it from when I said that this idea wreaks of age
prejudice and censorship.  *chuckle*  The name I dislike.  Also I squirmed at the
thought of censorship programs.  It doesn't let *them*, the viewer,  make the
It's tool of deprivation.

> although we might squirm at the thought, "net nannies" and the
> like are going to be a concern of some parents; provide the
> tools and let *them* make the choice

Yup, I squirmed like a worm.  *chuckle*  BTW, I like the word squirm.  It's funny
to me.

My objections have been to the name and incorporating any censorship devices in
the project.  Perhaps I object to it for the same reasons that Joseph would object
being called handicapped?  Kids are not a homogenous group, and neither are those
with visual impairment.  Using the stereotype of 'kid' may prove to be a greater
than boon, a more perilous crutch than a useful tool, in time.


Once again I have intended no offense towards anyone.
I'm not trying to bludgeon anyone over the head with my trolling club.  *lol*
That's funny.  Perhaps I should run a troll in zangband?  *grin*
Assuming I haven't groasly miscommunicated my ideas, for a third time *chuckle*
good luck and see ya online some other time.

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