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Re: Debian for kids

> This is lacking in compassion and respect?

You have a compassionate idea to make debian more user friendly for beginners,
novices, etc...
No doubt a first time installation or even usage of debian linux for a computer
newbie would
be daunting and frustrating.

> I may well work on Debian for the Blind at some point.  How discriminatory
> of me!  ;>

Debian for blind is not descriminatory.  Your analogy is excellent if one
assumes that everyone
labeled 'kid' is by definition handicapped.

> You* are offended.  I don't think my kids (oops, progeny) are.

Why aren't they, or you, and why me?  Could it be that most people too easily
the roles and labels placed upon them?

Acquiring two decades of age does not automatically endow a person with
intelligence or wisdom.  Everyone has disabilities and abilities.  Many
are not age related.  Being young isn't a disability.  Most people just treat
it like it is.

When socialization is lax, young minds can teach themselves that what most
adults misbelieve
to be beyond a young person's zone of proximal development.  The fact that the
same boring
math is taught from 1st grade to 8th grade, before algebra is taught,
explicates the apathy that
most adults have towards seeing adolescents as fully functioning persons.

Let's not foolishly treat and misbelieve that all young people are handicapped,
due to their age,
and not their social and societal influences.  I was probably a better 8086
assembly language
programmer as an adolescent than are most professional programmers today.

I'm not against a debian for dummies, a high security debian, debian for blind,
crayon colored debian.  But having 'debian for kids' is as prejudicial as
'debian for geriatrics.'

I doubt these thoughts will dissuade you.  Nor will they dissuade a USA full of
completely accepting of agism.  Slavery, racism, and sexism in recent years
were just
as accepted.  Fortunately, some people can recognize those social ills, now.
Someday agism will be recognized.

> While agreeing that Kyle is on crack,
> Bullshit. ... Get a life

Are you going to discuss debian for kids or just act like kids?  *lol*
I'm using that as an example of the deragatory connotation of the word 'kids.'

Everyone stay calm.  :)  Let's enjoy the discussion and not loose any tempers.

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