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Re: the danger of specialized Debian

On Sat, Feb 12, 2000 at 07:26:34PM -0500, Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> is anyone else out there scared of the idea of project forking? is there
> another way to provide the same funtionality without adding confusion?

No and yes.

> i'm glad to see that people are interested in making linux availale to first
> time computer users, k-12 schools, and people with disabilities. the
> internet community as a whole needs more of this kind of initiative. i am
> however concerened that if not properly organized, these projects may dilute
> Debian's energy.

I don't think so.  The reading I've gotten from the 'debian for kids' is
to enhance Debian by packaging (and perhaps even developing) software
that would be interesting for kids.  Some would be educational, some
would be games, some would be themes that kids would find more
interesting than gtk-pixmap.

> perhaps instead of creating specialized branches, the developers interested
> in Debian for Kids, GNU/Schulinux, etc would consider putting together
> robust packages that fulfill these needs.

I didn't see them proposing otherwise.  Specifically, there has been
mention of a 'task-kids' package (or multiple packages) that would
allow a parent (or the kid herself) to easily add selections that
would have a high probability of interesting them.  (Certainly there
will be 'misses' -- there are with all the other tasks:  things that
won't interest -all- users or things that could be included.)

> am i off the mark or is there a real danger here?

I think you're off the mark.

Despite not having rugrats, I think more packages for kids would be way
cool, as I would have killed for such a thing when I was a kid.

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