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Re: the danger of specialized Debian

Previously Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> is anyone else out there scared of the idea of project forking?

Yes, which is why we're not doing that. From what I've seen the idea is
to work on a set of additions to Debian to tailor to a certain need,
in this case kids. That doesn't mean that Debian will be forked and a
new distro will arrive, but that things will be added to Debian so that
the whole distribution will benefit more people.

If you combine this with the package pool idea you get a very powerful
concept: we'll have a big Debian distribution just like we have now, but
it will also become very easy to take a subset of that and use that for
more specialized purposes. So in this case you could take a subset of
Debian that includes kids-specific software and voila! You have a
`Debian for kids' without having needed to create a fork.

In the case of `trusted Debian' (is that still alive?) it also wouldn't
be a fork, but just a subset of know safe and audited packages.


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