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Re: better install disks

Bdale Garbee (bdale@gag.com) wrote:
> > the important thing is that once these systems are installed, they are still
> > Debian and still follow the same policies.
> I personally think there is room both for true forks, and for the kind of 
> "installation flavors" that I'm talking about.  One of the stray thoughts I
> had this morning was that a true fork shouldn't call itself "Debian" anything,

my main reason for concern was two fold:
 - the possibility public confusion over what Debian is.
 - loss of energy by breaking up of efforts, dilution as it were.

i have no problem with a fork as long as the new project no longer
considers itself debian. not that i have no intention of ever installing
Corel. :)

> but flavors could and should.  I'm not sure anything in our policies backs
> that up, though.

that's what i love about our little democracy. here (in theory at least), we
can grow and mutate into whatever the Right Thing would be. our constition
is well worded enough that we should be able to keep going for quite some
time. the major historical problem with democracies is that they don't work
if the people arent aware and excited about how they work. get involved
people! vote! code something!

anyone plan to bring this up at the irc debate?

> Bdale

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