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Re: my try to start a theoretical discussion about a (really) new type of file system

On Wed, Feb 09, 2000 at 02:39:09AM +0100, Mark Stier wrote:
> Hi David,
> > > Is it basically a good idea to use a RDBMS-like file system instead
> > > of ext2?
> > Sounds interesting - why don't you try and implement a working model
> > so that we can see how it works?
> I will do that -- perhaps. But I need to check first, if this is a good idea or
> not. If anyone has got any useful comments on this topic: please mail them.

My suggestion is to implement it as a Hurd translator
This should significantly speed-up testing (no reboot from start of project
until finish, no matter how many crashes of dbfsd will happen),
and because of open nature of GNU/Hurd, it will be easier to implement
some nice features are already provided, the same file may answer
to either cat(read) and ls(readdir), so you can give descriptions to
directiories with a little perl (you can write translators in perl) script
even if underlying filesystem does not provide that (ex: ext2) etc.

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